New Scanning Solutions for General Contractors and Construction Managers

With the latest scanners and modeling tools at your disposal, it's faster and easier than ever to produce comprehensive and precise models of your as-built environments. Learn how Trimble is adapting innovative imaging and modeling solutions for use on the construction worksite, to dramatically improve efficiency of the Field-to-BIM workflow.

What you'll learn:

Trimble EdgeWise BIM Suite provides automated feature extraction and modeling to significantly reduce the time required for professionals to generate CAD models of pipes, conduit, structural steel and gridded concrete from data captured with 3D laser scanners. The EdgeWise solution provides a complete workflow that can deliver as much as 50 percent time savings for professionals engaged in data collection, point cloud registration, editing and final modeling.

The Trimble TX8 laser scanner delivers the high performance and quality results needed for comprehensive worksite data collection. For applications that require state of the art accuracy and flexibility, the TX8 lets contractors gather data more quickly from each setup, while the long-range capacity reduces the number of setups needed to get the job done.