Improve Project Communication using Vico’s Flowline Schedule with a 3D Tekla Structures Model

Lean construction practices require clear communication of work assigned to crews. Committed work is mostly reviewed using a system of sticky notes and assignment lists, combined with highlighted floor plans.

What if you could support these daily hurdles with a detailed 3D model that is color coded to indicate where work needs to happen? At Trimble, we believe this would greatly improve the ability to communicate schedule intent and opportunity to share feedback with your project team.

Watch the recorded webinar where we will demonstrate how a schedule optimized for crew utilization and continuity of work using Trimble’s Flowline methodology can be further planned in Trimble’s Tekla Structures environment. Using the constructible model, the sequencing of individual elements will be planned and prepared for use as model-based progress tracking tool. Work completion, entered through the model, can be analyzed in the target schedule.