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Tools for Schools Program 

Bringing Trimble office software and field solutions into education institutions.

The Trimble GC/CM division is pleased to offer the Tools For School’s program designed to provide educators with the latest Trimble software and hardware technology used for construction projects, giving students in the fields of engineering, architecture, and construction science an advanced start in their careers. The Tools for Schools program is offered to colleges, universities, unions and trade schools. Educators must provide a copy of their current faculty ID, course syllabus and students information.

Here is what others say about our program: “I do not know how to thank you enough for providing WinEst for our students.  The program was easy for our IT people to load and it is performing well above our expectations. Thank you!”

Products currently available in this program include:

Office Software Packages:

Field Solutions Packages:

Trimble's office software provides a portfolio of building-intelligence software solutions that optimize workflows, streamline processes, and seamlessly fit within existing operational framework. Providing solutions that will work within existing business structures and processes, and leverage technology that won’t distract from the core competency of building.

  • Office software licenses free of charge for educational computer labs and/or student computers.

  • Annual renewals, updates and maintenance to stay up to date with the current releases of the software.

  • Access to our SupportLink portals for customer support

  • Training on the software from a Trimble Certified Trainer with online and onsite training options.

  • Student access to certifications and training materials on

Once registered, educators are given license access to their selected Trimble software and provided support and training free of charge. Licenses are set up in a networked computer lab or cloud based environment, giving students the same hands-on software experience as the instructor.  Licenses generally expire annually at the end of July.

Trimble’s Field Solutions for building construction are the essential tools to make short-work of common building layout, in-progress data capture, and as-built measurement projects.

The systems measure distances and find positions simply and easily with one person operation, enabling you to deliver accurate field work and eliminate rework.  Combined with Trimble point creation, controller applications and point cloud processing software, Trimble field solutions products will propel your students to the cutting edge of construction technologies.

  • A pricing model that fits to serve as a “lab-fee” or “book-fee”, to be passed onto the student without coming out of the institutional budget. Discounted purchase options also available.

  • Up to date Trimble Equipment, that will stay current and in working order.

  • Ability to provide a combination of hardware to show the various Trimble technology.

  • Training on the equipment and software from a Trimble Certified Trainer.

  • Student access to certifications and training materials on

  • Only store and secure the equipment for the month it is actually being used.

Once registered, educators will be contacted by a local Trimble distribution partner to choose from the available rental or purchase options with significant educational discounts.

Trimble Prolog

For contractors and other AEC firms, providing a complete system of record for managing project information, from the field to the back office. Designed by construction professionals for construction professionals, Prolog is built for project managers accountable for construction costs, scope and schedules, and for project teams responsible for the successful delivery of projects.

Trimble Robotic Total Station (RTS) 773 with Trimble Field Link for Structures Tablet

Trimble RTS Series Robotic Total Stations offer construction-specific functionality and one-person operation so you can perform all jobsite layout and measurement tasks for maximum flexibility and cost savings.  Trimble Field Link for Structures links design to reality providing users the ideal solution for enhancing field operations for BIM workflow. Trimble Field Link for Structures incorporates the Trimble VISION technology allowing the user to remotely see and measure through a live video feed from the Trimble RTS.

Trimble Vico Office

For Virtual Construction using BIM models for more than just visualization and extending the basic 3D model with constructability analysis and coordination, quantity takeoff, 4D location-based scheduling and production control, to 5D estimating.

Trimble R8s GNSS Receivers

Trimble has added connections to R8S GNSS receivers through Trimble Field Link layout software to the allow contractors to take advantage of Global Navigation Satellite System technology when performing layout, as-built assessments and quality assurance (QA) checks, while using software designed for building construction positioning work.  Advantages of utilizing the R8s GNSS Receivers with Trimble Field Link software include:

  • Use most suitable positioning technology for each layout task without switching between multiple controller units and field software.
  • Sub-centimeter horizontal positioning accuracy.
  • Easy-to-use interface and workflows to locate and record layout points.
  • Three configurations options available: Base Station plus Rover, Rover- or Base Station-only.

Trimble WinEst 

For Detailed Estimating with ease to create, manage and integrate detailed project estimates, using cost-knowledge management, to increase productivity and customize essential documents.

Trimble Rapid Positioning System (Includes the RPT600 and Dell Tablet Controller with Trimble Field Link 2D) 

The Trimble RPT600 with Trimble Field Link 2D software does the work for you! With Trimble VISION on board, you can control the instrument remotely. And the easy-to-see green laser points directly to the spot you need to lay out with precision and simplicity, or use traditional prism layout as well.  Unique Autostationing™ technology lets the system self-locate relative to the projects, so there’s no leveling required or complex setup routines. No matter where the tool is placed, setup is fast and automatic.

Trimble Modelogix

For Conceptual Estimating leveraging company’s project-cost history, tying seamlessly to data from any leading cost-tracking solution (including WinEst, MS Excel and many others) to store and manage data in a user-defined cost structure, readily accessible throughout the company.

Trimble Field Link 2D Office
Trimble Field Link 2D office allows for quick and easy creation of grid points, linework, and field points from an existing 2D or 3D model in an easy to understand 2D environment.  You can also use Trimble Field Link 2D office to check background and point files for quality ensurance before the information is sent to the field or when importing as-built data.

Trimble ProjectSight

Eliminate delays between the field and the office. With ProjectSight, information entered in the field is immediately available to the entire project team.

Trimble Field Points for AutoCAD and Revit 

Trimble Field Points is designed for building construction contractors and engineers who need the ability to easily create or import 2D and 3D field points within their preferred design file. Working as a plugin within CAD and Revit, Trimble Field Points provides auto-creation and import of their field layout points for use with Trimble's best-in-class construction positioning and layout systems.

Trimble Connect

Save time, reduce change orders, reach consensus faster. Trimble Connect is a new way for designers, builders, owners and operators to collaborate, share and view project information. It is based on GTeam, the ground-breaking collaboration platform developed by Gehry Technologies.

Laser Scanning Technology (TX8 as Available)

Trimble laser scanners are highly versatile 3D scanning solutions for a broad variety of applications like complex plant environments, buildings and infrastructure, architectural and heritage sites, accident and forensic scenes, and more. The intuitive, easy to use onboard interfaces increases field efficiency, saving you time and money. 

Trimble GCEstimator

Trimble GCEstimator Suite incorporates best-of-breed estimating and takeoff solutions from Trimble designed to increase efficiencies, win more work, and maximize the profitability of projects before, during and after construction. With all the tools needed to streamline productivity in a single system, GCEstimator eliminates unnecessary complexity.

Trimble RealWorks Point Cloud Processing Software 

Trimble RealWorks is specifically designed for point cloud processing and analysis. The software provides a complete solution to efficiently register, analyze, model and create deliverables using data from virtually any source. Trimble 3D scanning software allows you to integrate 3D point and survey data to Extract measurements, Generate deliverables and Utilize inside 3D CAD software.

Trimble EdgeWise

Trimble EdgeWise complements Trimble's 3D laser scanners and RealWorks scanning software to provide efficient end-to-end workflows in producing accurate BIM-ready models. From scanned point cloud data, the software automatically detects elements such as pipes, conduit, ductwork, and structural objects, then precisely models them using the dimensions and geometries included in a vast library of common elements.  Trimble® EdgeWise dramatically reduces the time required to accurately transform point cloud data into intelligent, attributed, and actionable models of the worksite.

Trimble DPI-8 Hand Held Scanner 

If the learning-curves of traditional laser scanning and photogrammetry have slowed your entry into 3D scanning, now there’s an option made for you. The DPI-8 Handheld Scanner lowers the barriers to scanning to unlock powerful as-built data deliverables your team can trust.  The lightweight design and one-hand operation make it an attractive option for construction projects. Its high-resolution camera and powerful Android tablet makes the solution as effective for contractors as it is approachable.


Trimble LM80 Controller for RTS 

The pocket-sized Trimble LM80 Layout Manager lets you carry, manage, work with, and lay out your job site blueprint. This convenience, combined with the power of wireless communication for design updates, a common user interface and specialized software gives greater control, cost savings and maximized productivity.