Case Studies

AEC Sector

Adolfson and Peterson Construction (PDF) - Hall of Fame
"Since purchasing Prolog more than five years ago, A&P has achieved real-time sharing of project information, enterprise-level project overviews, collaboration across all locations – and much more…"

AECOM (PDF) - Hall of Fame
"When AECOM first adopted project management software in 2002, the company purchased Prolog Manager from Meridian Systems..."

Alberici Corporation (PDF) - Hall of Fame
"In addition to standardizing project management processes across the organization, Prolog's flexibility allows Alberici to also address market-specific needs…"

Barton Malow (PDF) - Hall of Fame
"Initial implementation of Prolog focused on the cost side, with an emphasis on contract and change order management. An integration interface was written in-house to create an open exchange of information between Prolog and Barton Malow’s accounting software from Computer Guidance…"

Catalyst Construction Group (PDF)
"In less than six months, Catalyst was utilizing most of the functionality offered by Prolog... And the company’s original objectives had been met by the ability to easily create and track project documents such as contracts, submittals, change orders and meeting minutes…"

Christa Construction, LLC (PDF)
"After evaluating project management solutions from Primavera, Timberline, Meridian Systems and a few other companies, in February of 2007 Christa chose Meridian's Prolog software."

Clayco, Inc. (PDF) - Hall of Fame
"For the past 13 years, Clayco has used Prolog Manager by Meridian Systems to supplement their IPD initiative, primarily as a document management tool for Mission Control, the company's project document controls department..."

Costanza Builders (PDF) - Hall of Fame
"Costanza Builders uses Prolog as its foundation in managing dozens of projects on an ongoing basis ranging in size from $5M up to $35M each. Prolog use begins with the preconstruction phase, long before a shovel breaks ground…"

Dade Service Corporation (PDF)
"With Project Team Solutions help, Dade Service is working toward standardizing all of their project management processes, forms and letters on Prolog software…"

Design Built Management (PDF)
"Prolog's market share among project management systems in the U.S. would provide assurance to DBM's international clients and prospects that they had the project controls in place to get the job done…"

Enthalpy (PDF)
"In 2004, Enthalpy was working for a client that used Prolog software from Meridian Systems. After a short assessment, the company purchased Prolog Manager via CADStation Solutions, a Meridian Value Added Reseller (VAR) in Queensland, Australia..."

H&M Engineering and Construction (PDF)
"H&M needed a solution that would provide document control capabilities and establish a standardized look and fee to all correspondence…"

Harris Construction Co., Inc. (PDF) - Hall of Fame
"Within five years, Harris grew their Prolog system from a single desktop installation to a server-based system that was used to manage up to a dozen jobs at any given time. Today, Prolog is part of a comprehensive Harris technology toolset that is deployed to various locations via Citrix..."

HDR, Inc. (PDF) - Hall of Fame
"The flexibility of Prolog and the program's built-in controls have delivered many benefits to the entire HDR organization..."

Hensel Phelps (PDF)
"Hensel Phelps seek to optimize their quality control processes and improve efficiency on a fast track design-build project using integrated mobile technology."

Hunt Construction Group (PDF) - Hall of Fame
"With more than 100 projects, Prolog provides Hunt’s 600 employees with a mechanism to maintain the organization and distribution of large volumes of information…By using Prolog for the Arizona Cardinals Stadium construction, Hunt was able to significantly streamline its management of the project…"

"IMTC-MEI made Prolog their standardized international technology platform..."

Kitchell Corporation (PDF) - Hall of Fame
"In May of 2010, after reaffirming that Prolog Manager was the best project management platform for Kitchell, they purchased Prolog Converge..."

Klorman Construction (PDF) - Hall of Fame
"In the mid-1990s, after evaluating several project management systems and having already been a user of computerized project management systems since 1982, Klorman purchased Prolog Manager from Meridian Systems, creating a centralized database for all project-related information and standardizing the company’s project management processes on the program..."

Kullman Buildings Corp. (PDF)
"We chose Prolog," states Kulka-Marks, "because it's the most comprehensive construction tracking software in the marketplace. It's vital for us to have very organized and very exact record keeping; Prolog delivers this ability and much more..."

Legacy Building Services, Inc. (PDF)
"Today, Legacy's entire operations team uses Prolog - from project administrators and superintendents to project managers and engineers - to manage costs, contracts, drawings and even field administration tasks..."

Neal Electric Corporation (PDF)
"Having Prolog in place has given Neal Electric a competitive advantage on projects where the general contractor is also using the software..."

Pinnacle Construction Support Group, LLC (PDF) - Hall of Fame
"Pinnacle/CSG recently added Prolog Converge to its solution set. For the extended project team, Prolog Converge provides a variety of user-interface options to simplify information sharing, including Microsoft Office Business Applications (OBAs)..."

Q and D Construction (PDF)
"Although Q&D's primary purpose for implementing Prolog was to better manage project documentation and paper flow, the software has been instrumental in reducing the company's risk..."

Roebbelen Contracting, Inc. (PDF)
"Roebbelen used Prolog to shift from spreadsheet and single-user documentation to centralized access of project management details from a single database. With this access, managers can drill down to detailed information… and Big-picture views of performance…"

Swinerton Management and Consulting (PDF)
"When going from a manual project management system to a program like Prolog, the benefits can be far-reaching..."

The Industrial Company (TIC) (PDF)
"The implementation began with document control functionality and transitioned to material management, subcontract administration and cost control. This phased approach allowed the end users to gradually implement the technology, learn the feature sets and become effective without being overwhelmed…"

The Weitz Company and Data Builder (PDF)
"The Weitz Company integrates Prolog software with e-PCS to achieve electronic document management and archiving throughout the project lifecycle…"

The Weitz Company (PDF) - Hall of Fame
"With Prolog’s centralized data collection, Weitz was soon able to achieve real-time status reports on change orders and identify whether client billings reflected those changes, something the company had difficulty determining with its previous project management system…"

Tilden-Coil Constructors, Inc. (PDF) - Hall of Fame
"For the past seven years, Tilden-Coil has been using Prolog Manager from Meridian Systems to standardize project, program and construction management processes..."

Torcon, Inc. (PDF) - Hall of Fame
"When Torcon purchased Prolog Manager from Meridian Systems in 1996 to replace its in-house system of ad-hoc programs, the company was looking to standardize and centralize its document and data management processes..."

Turner International Middle East (PDF)
"Turner International Middle East uses Prolog Manager to manage risk and reduce delays during construction of the world’s tallest building: Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE..."

Winter Park Construction (PDF)
"Within months, WPC had significantly improved employee performance by standardizing its project management using Prolog’s many capabilities, including Cost Control, Document Management, Field Administration and customized reporting..."

Commercial Sector

"AECOM is one of the largest program management firms in the world and has been entrusted with the management and control of hundreds of major capital programs totaling nearly $340 billion across all continents and market sectors, including transportation/infrastructure, environmental, facilities, mining and minerals and energy."

Baptist Health South Florida (PDF) - Hall of Fame
"Our manual system made communication difficult because it relied heavily on the construction management staff supplying up-to-date information and that didn’t always happen, … We realized that having a formalized project management system in place with a centralized data collection point would provide the structure needed to overcome our communication problems."

Blake Real Estate, Inc. (PDF)
"After studying a number of different systems, Prolog Manager from Meridian Systems stood out from the pack..."

Boston College (PDF)
"Prolog gives us hands-on, day-to-day, real-time management of the budget. The project manager knows exactly what the commitments are against every line item on the job, sees the immediate impact of change orders on the budget and can make decisions accordingly. Prolog eliminates budget surprises…"

CBRE Group, Inc. (PDF)
"CBRE uses Proliance software from Meridian Systems to create a standardized global project management system that helps improve service delivery on over 5,000 projects each year…"

Forest City Ratner Companies (PDF)
"Forest City Ratner Companies Uses Proliance From Meridian Systems To Achieve Business Intelligence Throughout The Plan-Build-Operate Lifecycle Of Its Real Estate Portfolio…"

Ryan Companies US, Inc. (PDF) - Hall of Fame
"After a thorough investigation of available systems, Ryan selected Proliance software from Meridian Systems because of its ability to improve capital project performance across the plan-build-operate lifecycle..."

Simon Property Group (PDF) - Hall of Fame
“After using Proliance software for just eleven months, Simon now has 60 employees using the application to manage 70+ construction projects and is continually adding new jobs to the systems...”

Southland Industries (PDF)
"Southland decided to upgrade to the current version of Prolog Manager and add Prolog WebSite to their solution set..."

Trammell Crow Residential (PDF)
"Prolog acts as the central hub for the flow of information throughout the TCR Pacific Northwest project life cycle and has completely revolutionized TCR Pacific Northwest’s entire process for construction project management…"

Wyeth Biopharma (PDF)
"Because we’re using the same system, our internal and external communication have improved; we’re on the same page. We have less risk and more collaboration…"

Public Sector

AECOM/Dallas County Community College District (PDF) - Hall of Fame
"On a program or project of this size, closeout can be one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks. Having everything we need in Prolog saves us several weeks of time during closeout..."

California State University - Northridge (PDF)
"Pairing Prolog WebSite with Prolog Manager to deliver project management functionality to third parties via the Internet is one of the main reasons why the Facilities team has been able to increase efficiency…"

Chicago Housing Authority (PDF)
"Customized features in Prolog have eased program management. Originally designed to document material deliveries and any associated inventory, the Prolog Manager Materials module was modified to enable CHA to track units that have completed transformation and more accurately report their progress…"

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM) (PDF) - Hall of Fame
"It’s been two years since DCAM began using Prolog. "Construction management data used to be housed in three or four separate systems… Now, all of our data is centralized in Prolog." This has greatly enhanced time management for the DCAM staff…"

Illinois Tollway (PDF)
"After an extensive evaluation process, the Tollway chose Proliance On Demand, a Web-based solution that delivers complete Infrastructure Lifecycle Management (ILM) capabilities..."

Lafayette College (PDF)
"We want our students to be technologically capable when they go into their field of professional practice," Veshosky says. "We also use software in our classes because it allows us to give the students more real, challenging problems..."

Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department (PDF)
"The selection of Proliance was made after significant research, evaluation of several systems and a site visit to neighboring Baptist Health South Florida where WASD's team saw Proliance in action..."

Ministry of Public Works - Kuwait (PDF)
"Kuwait's Ministry of Public Works (MPW) executes a wide range of State projects, including the construction of schools, clinics, hospitals, mosques and government buildings, and the development and maintenance of infrastructure projects like sanitary drainage, water networks, wastewater treatment, roads and highways..."

South Bay Union School District Case Study (PDF)
SGI had been using Prolog Manager from Meridian Systems for their other program management contracts and recommended the solution to SBUSD. On behalf of the District, SGI procured Prolog from Meridian Value Added Reseller (VAR), Rotech Consulting, Inc., a construction technology firm headquartered in San Diego. SGI also hired Rotech to help with the implementation and configuration of the software.

Sweetwater Union High School District (PDF)
"Using Prolog to track and manage all project information, including contracts, budgets, submittals, requests-for-information (RFI's), invoices, change orders and meeting minutes, using a single, centralized database allows the program management team to catch schedule delays or cost overruns early..."

The Corradino Group (PDF)
"This comprehensive Prolog solution allows Corradino to enhance their document control capabilities, and capture, record and centralize data from multiple paper-based and electronic sources..."

Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (TriMet) (PDF)
"It’s been several years since TriMet implemented Prolog and according to Tribbett, the biggest benefit has been the replacement of a bits-and-pieces project management system with a single integrated tool for managing contracts, costs, documents and engineering functions…"

Harvard Case Studies

Harvard OCPM Study Research Findings (PDF)
This study seeks to validate and support statements that online collaboration and project management (OCPM) technology will positively contribute to the return on investment of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry stakeholders and their projects.

OCPM White Paper (PDF)
Online Collaboration and Project Management Technologies Exposed: "Harvard Design School Study on the Value of OCPM Software and Services"

Kitchell Corporation (PDF)
This case study identifies and measures the value of online collaboration and project management (OCPM) technology from a general contractor’s perspective. The case covers tangible and intangible benefits/values at both the project and the organizational level for Kitchell Corporation.

Manhattan Construction Company (PDF)
This case study identifies and measures the value of online collaboration and project management (OCPM) technology from a general contractor’s perspective. The case covers tangible and intangible benefits/values at both the project and the organizational level for Manhattan Construction Company.

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