Material Tracking and Commissioning in Construction Workflows with Trimble’s Field Management Software

To effectively ensure accurate delivery and installation of materials, a robust material management and commissioning process is no longer a “nice to have” – it’s essential.

Building construction projects are becoming more complex. Pre-fabrication is being adopted aggressively. Field personnel need to be able to easily identify, assess, and communicate the status of critical supply chain materials and fabricated components. Project stakeholders need to get this information on a timely basis. How efficiently materials are moved through the supply chain and installed according to code and requirements will ultimately have a major impact on any project’s schedule and quality.

Today’s powerful mobile devices make it easier than ever to monitor and track materials throughout the supply chain. New processes utilizing barcode and RFID allow field personnel to easily and quickly identify materials and perform tasks such as updating the supply chain status, recording attributes, entering material checklists, managing issues, and capturing photos and video.

Watch the recorded webinar where we review how to track materials in the field, how to visualize progress, and discuss methods for applying consistent material management processes across your organization.

3 Learning Objectives:

  • Using mobile devices to track supply chain progress
  • Instantly identify materials in the field using Barcodes & RFID
  • How to Standardize QA/QC procedures using Material Checklists