Construction Sustainability Checklist for Infrastructure Projects

See if your current workflow is increasing sustainability and other opportunities to do so with innovative methods.


Are you implementing technology? You are being more sustainable. 

The new scope of sustainability goes beyond green materials and energy-efficient mechanical systems.


The scope of sustainability is evolving as the climate crisis grows more urgent and awareness of environmental issues plays an increasingly important role in buyer and investor decision-making.


Until recently, sustainable construction focused primarily on material selection at the design phase and reducing energy consumption during the operations phase of assets, with less emphasis on the construction process itself. 

But we must reduce consumption on jobsites so that unnecessary waste and massive emissions are no longer written off as a “cost of doing business.”


One of the best ways to reduce waste and fuel emissions is to transform your workflows with technology.


Download the checklist to see where you are already being sustainable and where there is room to improve. 



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