Accessing the 'I' in BIM with a Common Data Environment

What to expect from this course:

  • How to share information to and from the field with owners, engineers, and contractors
  • What is a Common Data Environment (CDE) and how to use it
  • Explore how to select the right CDE and BIM collaboration tools for your needs.

Course details

Section 1: How BIM allows for collaboration

Understand how to access information for all stakeholders to make accurate decisions and leverage the most current data

Section 2: Technology advancements in BIM

From light tables to BIM models - explore the advancements that allow the ability to instantly mark up and share issues

Section 3: Common data environment (CDE)

A deep dive into the characteristics of a CDE and its workflows

Section 4: CDE selection criteria

See how to select the right CDE for your needs by reviewing the core features and understanding which file formats are supported


Your instructor:

Michael Massey

30+ Years of AEC Experience, Industry leading expert for BIM/VDC


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