BIM for Infrastructure Execution Plan Template

Get your communication, data, and players aligned on your next project with this customizable template


Why you need this template

Today's construction projects demand efficient processes and data usage. That's why contractors need to have guidelines and expectations established from the beginning.


Use this field-specific BIM for Infrastructure Execution Plan template to formalize the process and data standards that your teams, partners, and clients need for your next civil project. So you can stop worrying about how to collaborate and focus on building better.


Here's what you'll get :

  • 20 fully customizable pages for your specific projects
  • The strategy, players, and ground rules for how to share data
  • Model definition, worksheets, and content plan


Download your template now


What the template includes:

Section 1: BIM for Infrastructure Project Execution 
Section 2: Project Information
Section 3: Project Contacts
Section 4: Project Goals / Civil Information Modeling (CIM) Uses
Section 5: Collaboration Procedures
Section 6: Quality Assurance and Control
Section 7: Technological Infrastructure Needs
Section 8: Model Structure
Section 9: Project Deliverables 
Section 10: Attachments

and much more...

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