Connected Construction:

How Tech Is Transforming an Industry

A Panel Discussion


Webinar Details

DATE: Tuesday, October 4, 2022


11:00 a.m. Eastern Time USA

8:00 a.m. Pacific Time USA

5:00 p.m. Central European Time

*The webinar will be in English


Communication and collaboration have long been important parts of the global construction process, but construction companies have struggled at times with both. It’s a big reason why errors, project risks, delays, costly rework, and profit fade are so commonplace in construction. 

As times and technologies have changed, we’re seeing a significant transformation. Moving to the cloud, utilizing mobile applications to work with real-time information, and integrating shared data and workflows across all teams are just some ways technology makes a truly connected construction environment a reality.

In this exclusive webinar, hosted by GlobalData and Trimble, we’ll explore this connected construction transformation and what it means for your organization and the construction industry as a whole. Join us to learn:

  • What a modern, connected construction environment looks like, and how it can improve how all project stakeholders work together
  • How connected construction is changing how the industry works, and why it’s important for contractors to start preparing
  • The technologies powering today’s connected construction transformation, and what might soon be on the horizon
  • How to identify and overcome challenges to modernizing construction operations and where to start your own connected construction journey
  • Real-world examples from contractors who have already benefited from connected construction data and workflows 

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Meet the Panelists


Lawrence Smith

VP and GM, Construction Management Solutions, Trimble

Lawrence is leading Trimble’s global Construction Management Solutions (CMS) division for the construction sector. He is responsible for bringing a unified business strategy around preconstruction, project and operations management, finance and human capital, and digital supply chain. 


Elwyn McLachlan

VP, Civil Solutions, Trimble

Elwyn is responsible for global product development and strategy for the company’s technology solutions for the civil construction sector. This includes Trimble’s hardware and software solutions for machine control and construction surveying, as well as software for civil design and engineering and construction site management.



Chris Drake

Principal Analyst: Global IT Technology and Software, GlobalData

As Principal Analyst for Data Center Technologies, Chris covers a range of
technologies that are transforming the traditional data center landscape,
including converged and hyper-converged infrastructure, high-performance
computing, and the hardware and software solutions for building and managing private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. 


Suzanne Armengol

Regional Head of Consulting, GlobalData

As Regional Head of Consulting, Suzanne is responsible for leading GlobalData’s
technology consulting practice in EMEA, and previously leading the construction
consulting practice. Based in London, UK, Suzanne has more than 12 years
of experience working in research, consulting, and business intelligence in the UK, Spain, and Latin America.

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