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What’s possible with Connected Construction and digitization?




Reduction in Rework




Increase in Field Productivity


Deliver with confidence throughout the construction lifecycle

Connected Construction means that the right people have access to the right data at the right time - reducing rework and risk while increasing profitability.


Focus on people, processes and technology to create a shared ecosystem and connect all stakeholders throughout each stage of the construction project lifecycle.


Make data-driven construction decisions and better collaborate, communicate and visualize how each piece fits together with Trimble Connected Construction.


"Leveraging a constructible process was instrumental
in helping us achieve our efficiency goals.”

Matt Hedke, Manager of Self-Perform, Barton Malow.


Grow your business with Connected Construction resources

Gain a competitive advantage with digital construction solutions from Trimble. Embrace technology in construction with next steps and real tips toward digital transformation and Connected Construction.

Keeping Up With Constructability

From ideation to completion and beyond, we can help you keep up with construction digital technology and the latest construction trends.

Work Better Together With Connected Trades and Project Phases

Using constructive data and real-time collaboration, everything and everyone can work together seamlessly and use data in construction.

How Digital As-Builts Make American Infrastructure More Efficient and More Sustainable

Learn about the potential of digital as-builts to improve the sustainability, safety, and efficiency of civil infrastructure assets and embrace digital transformation in the construction industry.

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