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Do you have Amendment 2 projects? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Trimble Electrical Designer 2D (ProDesign subscription packages) and Stabicad calculations are now Amendment 2, 18th Edition, compliant.


As the 18th Edition Wiring Regs continue to evolve, so to do Trimble’s MEP calculation and design solutions. Just as you're focused on guaranteeing the highest quality and efficiency of your electrical systems designs, we're focused on delivering the compliant and user-friendly tools you need. 

To learn more about the Amendment 2 changes, we've identified 20 amendments that could affect your projects, read our e-book to learn more.

And this latest release doesn't just equip contractors and consultants with always up-to-date, compliant electrical calculations. It also includes the introduction of a modern streamlined online licensing system that ensures all users are using the same, up-to-date calculations and content. This empowers you to significantly reduce the risk of design discrepancies that occur when different versions of the software are used within your team.

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We've asked building services professionals like you, “What do you really need to continue to succeed in today's industry?

Being able to produce accurate and compliant electrical systems designs quickly is naturally a top priority. But with multiple versions of software solutions floating around your teams, along with complicated and slow update processes, compliance and accuracy are still major risk factors to your overall project efficiency. This is why we've reimagined the way Trimble Electrical Designer 2D and Stabicad are delivered and managed. 

What the new license system can do for you:


Instant access to calculation and content updates for engineers and technicians. No more waiting for software updates to be applied.

Confidence in engineering outcomes throughout your teams as all users have access to the same, always up-to-date calculations and content.

A simple sign-up and sign-in process gives you more time to focus on your day job.

Constant access no matter where you are, providing you have an internet connection.

A brand new license portal so you can see what tools you and your team members have access to, even across multiple locations.


In the future

Frequent important content and regulation updates across your solutions without the need for fresh installs each time.

Significantly faster installation speeds for software updates, when new installations are required.

Tailored feature improvements informed by meaningful usage insights.

More efficient support with enhanced visibility and management functions to help deal with your queries faster.

Already a ProDesign or Stabicad customer?

Read our FAQs to learn how these changes impact you.


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Users of Trimble MEP's solutions range from small MEP design and contracting companies to large global engineering practices.

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If you want to make your software compliant with the latest regulations, please get in touch using the form below

or by calling 01908 608833.


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Existing Customer Frequently Asked Questions


> What changes for me?

You would need to sign a new contract to access the benefits of the online-only software. In the meantime, you will continue to receive the updates and support you are entitled to in line with your current service contract or subscription.

> What are the differences between my current ProDesign product subscription(s) and the new Trimble Electrical Designer 2D and Stabicad subscription packages? 

The new Trimble Electrical Designer 2D and Stabicad packages now require an internet connection. You still need to install the software locally onto your computer, however being able to work via the internet enables the benefits listed above and supports new hybrid working practices.


> Will all users now have dedicated licenses?

Yes. Each user will be assigned access to the correct products by their admin via the new easy-to-use license management portal. Making certain that you always have access to your digital tools even at peak times. 

> What if I need to purchase additional licenses for my current solution(s)?

You can purchase additional licenses for Trimble Electrical Designer 2D and Stabicad by migrating to the new subscription packages. 

> Where can I find the latest Trimble Electrical Designer 2D updates?

Click here to find out about the latest major feature and content updates.

> How do I upgrade to the new Trimble Electrical Designer 2D and Stabicad subscription packages?

Complete the form on the web page stating ‘discuss subscription new licensing’ and a member of our sales team will be in contact.


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